Major Systems Shutdown

First American Financial Corporation took several of its systems offline following a significant cyberattack, disrupting its operations.

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Impact on Real Estate Transactions

The cyberattack led to confusion and delays in real estate transactions, affecting buyers, sellers, and other parties involved.


History of Cybersecurity Issues

This incident is not the first cybersecurity challenge for First American, following a previous breach and a penalty related to cybersecurity violations.

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By Kevin Wood

Cyber Attack on First American Financial Corporation: Disruption and Concerns



Recently, the real estate industry faced a significant cybersecurity threat with the cyberattack on First American Financial Corporation. This attack led to a major disruption in the company’s operations, affecting numerous real estate transactions across the United States.

First American Financial Corporation, recognized as the second-largest title insurance company in the U.S., experienced this cybersecurity incident, prompting it to take several of its systems offline. The attack caused considerable confusion and uncertainty, especially among individuals engaged in buying, selling, or handling real estate transactions. The firm’s role in providing settlement services and title insurance to various parties in real estate transactions, including homebuyers, sellers, brokers, mortgage lenders, and investors, underscores the far-reaching impact of this cyberattack.

The incident is particularly concerning given the company’s history and reputation. Founded in 1889 and headquartered in Santa Ana, California, First American has a significant presence in the real estate sector, with reported total revenue of $7.6 billion in the previous year. The company’s extensive employee base and vast data holdings make it a prime target for cybercriminals.

This cyberattack is not an isolated event in the title industry. In recent months, other major players like Fidelity National Financial have also faced similar cybersecurity incidents. These repeated attacks highlight the growing vulnerability of the real estate sector to cyber threats and the need for enhanced security measures.

Moreover, the incident raises questions about the cybersecurity preparedness of large firms handling sensitive data. With the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, companies must prioritize robust cybersecurity strategies to protect their operations and client data.

In conclusion, the cyberattack on First American Financial Corporation is a stark reminder of the escalating cyber threats facing the real estate industry. It emphasizes the urgent need for strengthened cybersecurity practices and proactive measures to safeguard against such incidents in the future.


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