$100 million per day

The Change Healthcare cyberattack is inflicting massive financial losses on the healthcare industry.


Disrupted Revenue Cycle

Delayed payments, eligibility issues, and prescription chaos strain hospitals and clinics nationwide.


High Cost of Inaction

Prolonged disruptions could jeopardize patient care, staff payroll, and medical supply chains.

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by Kevin Wood

Providers Hemorrhaging $100 Million a Day Amid Ongoing Disruption at Change Healthcare



Attack may be most expensive in history

The crippling cyberattack that paralyzed Change Healthcare systems weeks ago has left a trail of financial devastation throughout the U.S. healthcare industry. Industry sources now estimate that the ongoing disruption is costing providers nationwide an astounding $100 million in lost revenue each day.

How the Costs Mount

The losses stem from a combination of factors directly linked to Change Healthcare’s role as a critical middleman in the healthcare ecosystem:

  • Billing Delays: Change Healthcare processes billions of medical claims annually. With their systems down, claims can’t be submitted, leading to delayed payments and disrupting the entire revenue cycle for hospitals and clinics.
  • Eligibility Snags: Providers rely on Change Healthcare for real-time patient insurance eligibility checks. Without this, they risk providing services that may not be reimbursed, exacerbating cash flow issues.
  • Prescription Fulfillment Chaos: As prescriptions can’t be verified efficiently, pharmacies face backlogs and patients suffer delays in accessing vital medications. This leads to both patient frustration and revenue loss.
  • Inefficient Workarounds: Many providers are forced to resort to time-consuming and costly manual processes, such as faxing paperwork or contacting payers directly. This diverts resources and adds additional strain.

A Ripple Effect of Uncertainty

The extended outage has created a widespread cash crunch for healthcare providers already operating on tight margins. Many are left to grapple with difficult decisions:

  • Delayed Payroll: Some hospitals may struggle to cover payroll for doctors, nurses, and other essential staff, potentially impacting morale and frontline care.
  • Supply Chain Concerns: Providers may face difficulty purchasing crucial medical supplies if funds are unavailable.
  • Long-Term Fallout: The financial strain could force some practices to reduce services or even close entirely, especially in underserved areas.

A Call for Urgent Action

While Change Healthcare and federal authorities work to restore systems and investigate the attack, the healthcare industry calls for immediate support. Providers need:

  • Accelerated Payments: Payers, including Medicare, are encouraged to expedite payments to ease the burden on providers.
  • Flexibility: Insurers must relax prior authorization requirements and other barriers to ensure patients receive timely care while systems are down.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Change Healthcare is under scrutiny to provide comprehensive updates and address glaring vulnerabilities exposed by the breach.

The High Price of Vulnerability

The Change Healthcare attack underscores the dire consequences of lax cybersecurity in our interconnected healthcare system. As providers struggle under the weight of a $100 million daily loss, the urgency for robust defenses, contingency plans, and a coordinated industry-wide response has never been clearer.


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