MLS provider down after attack

MLS software provider Rapattoni reported an attack that has crippled their systems, affected thousands of realtors and homebuyers.


No one taking responsibility

As is the case with a lot of recent attacks, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack.


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by Kevin Wood

Rapattoni, MLS software giant, hit by ransomware attack



MLS systems across the country are down

For the past several days, thousands of realtors and homebuyers have been completely shut out of the local housing market.  The cause?  Rapattoni, one of the largest MLS providers in the country, fell victim to a ransomware attack that shut down all of their systems, impacting realtors across the entire United States.

A memo sent out Thursday by Rapattoni to all of it’s clients indicated a cyberattack had crippled their systems.  Users all over the country have been complaining about the MLS system(s), stating the attack must have occurred Tuesday or Wednesday because they haven’t been able to use the system for the last couple of days.

Rapattoni said in its memo that it had not yet determined the full extent of the cyberattack and could not provide a timetable for restoring service.

The implications of this are huge in the real estate business.  Realtors are unable to put up new listings, advertise listings, mark them as sold or any other updates.  In addition, homebuyers are unable to search for homes for sale.

Realtors and homebuyers are turning to social media in affected areas as a way to list homes and search for homes.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become havens for new house listings, allowing potential buyers to see what’s for sale.

Since the impact is limited solely to Rapattoni’s customers, cities that use different MLS platforms have not been impacted.  For example, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they use the Rapattoni MLS system, their realtors have been unable to use the system for days.  On the contrary, realtors in Dayton, Ohio are unaffected by this as they use a different system.

There is no indication as to who is behind the attack nor has anyone claimed responsibility. 

It’s important to note that attacks like these can sometimes be prevented, but not all the time.  In the event an attack gets through, it’s imperative to have a reliable Disaster Recovery Plan setup.  When the “you-kn0w-what” hits the fan and you need to get back online, you need to have a sure-fire plan that will execute flawlessly every time. 

“Rapattoni is working diligently around the clock to expedite the restoration of the system. All technical resources are devoted to this effort; however, they are unable to provide a specific estimated time of completion,” per the memo from Rapattoni.



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