Sony Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

Emerging hacking group,, claims to have successfully compromised Sony’s entire systems, opting to sell the acquired data due to Sony’s alleged refusal to pay a ransom. The group has provided potential buyers with contact details, threatening to release the data wholesale if not purchased by 28 September 2023.


The Enigma of

The relatively new hacking group, possibly linked to previous cybercrime forums and groups, operates as both a standalone ransomware entity and a ransomware-as-a-service organization. It is actively recruiting affiliates and purports to function in strict compliance with GDPR and Data Privacy Laws, pledging to report non-payment as a violation to the GDPR agency.


The Dubious Proofs and Unconfirmed Claims

To substantiate their claims, has released alleged proof-of-hack data including screenshots of Sony’s internal login page and various Java files. Despite these revelations, Sony remains silent on any possible breach, and the authenticity of the disclosed data remains unverified.

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by Kevin Wood

Sony allegedly hacked by ransomware as a service group,



Sony still yet to confirm attack, investigation on-going

Despite being relatively new to the cybersecurity scene,, having emerged in September, has already succeeded in executing several high-profile attacks, one of which targeted the globally recognized conglomerate, Sony Group Corporation. The origin of is somewhat vague, with potential connections to earlier forums and groups, but its presence is increasingly tangible in the cyber domain.

Sony, previously known as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation, is a prominent Japanese multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. This description, rather peculiarly taken from Wikipedia, was used by on its leak sites that exist both on the clearnet and darknet.

The hacking group unabashedly announced that they have effectively compromised Sony’s entire system, and in lieu of a ransom, they have opted to sell the acquired data, asserting that this decision is a direct consequence of Sony’s refusal to meet their financial demands. “DATA IS FOR SALE. WE ARE SELLING IT,” the group boldly declares.

The group attempted to substantiate their claims by disclosing alleged proof-of-hack data. This included what seems to be screenshots of Sony’s internal login page, a PowerPoint presentation delineating test bench specifics, and various Java files. Additionally, has revealed a file tree of the purportedly infiltrated data, containing fewer than 6,000 files. This quantity seems relatively diminutive, given the magnitude of Sony’s digital infrastructure. Notably, many of the disclosed files prominently feature Japanese characters.

The cyber-attackers have not disclosed any price for the compromised data but have publicized their contact information, including details for Tox messaging, Telegram, and email, for potential buyers to reach out. They’ve marked 28 September 2023 as the “post date,” threatening that if no purchase is made, the data will be published wholesale on that day.

Sony has yet to officially acknowledge any cyber incident on their end, and there has been no response to written inquiries seeking confirmation of the hack. is not only a standalone ransomware operator but also functions as a ransomware-as-a-service organization, actively seeking affiliates. The group uniquely professes to be a “secure solution for addressing data security vulnerabilities within companies” and alleges to operate in stringent accordance with GDPR and Data Privacy Laws. They’ve stated that failure to receive payment would compel them to report a Data Privacy Law violation to the GDPR agency.

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