Rapid Response

Furtwangen University acted swiftly, taking all systems offline to prevent further damage, illustrating the critical need for immediate action post-breach.


On-Going investigation

Authorities are meticulously investigating the cyber-attack, emphasizing the severity and the potential widespread implications of the breach on the academic community.


Cyber-Security in Academia

The attack raises significant concerns over the security measures in place at educational institutions, underlining the need for heightened cybersecurity protocols.

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by Kevin Wood

Furtwangen University reports cyber-attack to staff and students



First Public Report

Furtwangen, Germany – Furtwangen University, a reputable institution situated in the heartland of Germany, recently became the victim of a significant cyber-attack. The breach, which occurred on the 18th of September, has sent shockwaves throughout the academic community, raising concerns over the security protocols in place at educational institutions.

A Serious Breach

According to a preliminary internal email sent to students and staff, the IT infrastructure of the university was maliciously targeted, resulting in extensive damage. Initial reports suggest that a substantial amount of data was encrypted or deleted, rendering several services and platforms, including FELIX and the libraries, non-operational. However, the telephone system remains unaffected.

The university has taken immediate action by pulling all systems offline as an initial preventive measure, resulting in the unavailability of its IT infrastructure and central services.

Ongoing Investigations

The precise extent of the damage is yet to be fully assessed, with ongoing investigations being conducted by the authorities. The email does not disclose specific details regarding the nature of the attack or any potential suspects, leaving many questions unanswered.

The university is actively engaged in rebuilding its systems and is working tirelessly to restore normalcy to its operations. However, there is no official statement regarding the expected duration of the recovery process or when the services will be reinstated.

Awaiting Further Information

As the academic world looks on with bated breath, further information about the breach is eagerly awaited. The impact of the attack on students, staff, and the research community at large is still unclear, and concerns about the potential loss of sensitive information and research data are paramount.

We have reached out to Furtwangen University for an official comment on the situation and to gather more details about the ongoing investigations and the steps being taken to mitigate the effects of the attack. However, we are yet to receive any response from the university.

Raising Cybersecurity Concerns

This incident at Furtwangen University underscores the vulnerability of academic institutions to cyber threats and emphasizes the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures within the education sector. The swift response of the university to contain the attack is commendable, but it is a stark reminder of the relentless nature of cyber threats and the importance of vigilance and preparedness in the digital age.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates as more information becomes available. The incident serves as a wake-up call for universities and educational institutions globally, stressing the importance of robust cybersecurity infrastructures and proactive measures to guard against cyber threats.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as we receive more information.


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