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Disaster recovery AS A SERVICE

Providing reliable backup services, data security and the industry’s fastest recovery times to keep you going when it counts the most.

secure backups

Using industry-leading encryption techniques, your data is protected whether in transit or at rest.  Only you have access to your data and the key to unlock it.

on-prem or cloud

Whether you want to have hardware on-site or you want to store everything in the cloud, or a mix of both, we have a solution for you and your IT environment.

recover easily

If disaster strikes, you need to get back up quickly.  Our ‘Orchestration Toolkit’ lets you spin up servers in the cloud in minutes, and leave them there as long as you need.

24/7 Support

Whether you need help with a routine backup or want someone to sit “side-by-side” as you recover to the cloud, we’re there to help out, 365/24/7.



Recover faster with our proven technology! No more manual setups—activate servers in the cloud with one click in “Orchestration”. Plus, enjoy no extra costs to spin up, whether testing or live recovery. Keep your servers as long as needed without added charges!

the true cost of a ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks cost companies millions. From lost revenue due to downtime, to paying ransoms in order to get their data back.  Attacks have become more sophisticated, taking longer to recover from and costing even more.

Check out some examples to the right but take a deep breath when you read the amounts.  After you have a small panic attack, click the “learn more” button, email us and let’s figure out a time to discuss how BBG can help your business.


Paid $11 million ransom.  Their top 5 production plants were shut down for days, losing a great deal of revenue. Prices of meat was affected across the country.

CNA Financial

Negotiated payment of $40 million to recover critical company data, otherwise risk it being exposed publicly online.

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colonial pipeline

Originally paid a $4.4 million ransom but the US government intervened and recovered $2.3 million. Average price of gas was over $3 a gallon in the US for the first time in seven years.

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The University of California, San Francisco paid out $1.14 million after it’s School of Medicine was hit by ransomware and important data was encrypted.

how are we different than the rest?

What are some notable differences that set us apart from the others?

mobile friendly

A ransomware attack hits and shuts down all servers while you’re on vacation.  Instead of freaking out, you open the Orchestration Toolkit on your phone, hit the “Go” button and your entire environment is running in the cloud within the hour.

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priced to fit

Unlike other backup solutions who have very strict rules to their programs, we’ve designed our platform around businesses of all sizes.  From a small local shop to a multi-billion-dollar organization, we have the hardware and software to fit your business needs.

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Instead of punishing you for a disaster, you can spin up your entire environment in our secure network and access everything you need.  On top of that, you can test your DR plan as much as you’d like, without restrictions, to ensure it will work when it needs to. Stay prepared!

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Switching from Disaster Recovery to Data Analytics and Digital Marketing … from simple digital ads to video ads, we can do it all.  Whether you’ve done digital marketing or not, we have a team of experts ready to help you get your company name in front of more people. 

Check out some of the key features below or click the “Contact Us Today!” button and schedule a call with our sales and marketing teams.

Best in the Industry

Our team uses industry-leading, proprietary technology that is continuously enhanced to solve advertising challenges of today and tomorrow.  Our data analytics and scrubbing techniques are the best in the industry, ensuring the data is accurate and we’re reaching the right people at the right time.

We provide multichannel digital marketing that includes display, search, social media, CTV/OTT, video and digital audio.  Once your campaign is running, we don’t just let it run unattended – we’re constantly analyzing the data and output to ensure it’s preforming the best it can and making adjustments as necessary.

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Cookiepocalypse is coming

Cookies are dying, but we have a plan to keep your data safe.  BBG LINKONE can help you succeed in the absence of cookies.

Traditional data processing is tedious

Time-intensive manual processing of customer data is becoming a thing of the past, as modern automation revolutionizes.

sitting on a gold mine

First party data (your customer list) is too often an untapped resource.  Unlocking it’s power is a game-changing move. We’re able to thoroughly analyze your customer list and find similar customers, and more.  You wouldn’t believe how much you can do with your own data.  Let us show you!

what’s the secret to our success?


Our proprietary software at the heart of our marketing platform.

Leverage customer data, automate your efforts, save time and use data better

Using our Customer Data Platform, you can transform your first party data into tangible financial returns.  Doing this will unlock higher profits and greater success with increased sales, efficient advertising and cost savings – all leading to stunning ROI growth! 

Data is updated in real-time, capturing changes as soon as it’s available so we can make sure we’re always delivering results to the right targets.  With the addition of Artificial Intelligence, we’re able to actively monitor your digital marketing campaign and make adjustments on the fly.

“Data security is our top priority.  You can rest assured your data is secure with our enterprise-grade security measures such as hashing, encryption and multi-factor authentication.”

How does it work?
  1. Connect your data
  2. Filter and segment data
  3. Link data to ad platforms
  4. Execute the objective

trusted partner

Through years of experience, knowledge and connections, we’re a trusted partner with many organizations.

technical consulting

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the tech you need

Figuring out what technology to buy to help your business move forward can be confusing.  With decades of experience and knowledge, and as a trusted partner, we have the expertise to help you stay ahead of the curve, running optimally and saving money.

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project management

Whether you’re developing your own in-house application or purchasing new hardware and software to setup a new automated workflow environment, we have the know-how to bring your projects to fruition – from planning to “Go Live”.

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it support

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time person for a support position.  Sometimes, it’s easier to have a person you can call when you need help that knows your system and can jump in to help when needed.  Our teams have the talent needed to keep your business moving forward, no matter what.

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For questions about a current project, or to schedule a meeting to discuss a new project, contact our Sales Department.

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If you have a question about your marketing campaign, or questions on setting up a new campaign, contact our Marketing Department.

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tech support

For help with DRaaS or any other technical consultation questions, or to schedule a meeting, email our Technical Department.

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