We're not afraid of AI, we embrace it!

Using AI to our advantage to find and eliminate threats

We find real attacks so you can stop them in real time

Attackers don’t stand a chance against Attack Signal Intelligence™. Our advanced AI thinks like an attacker to automate threat detection, triage and prioritization of real security incidents — in real time. No more guess work when it comes to securing your network.

Cut through the clutter to stop attacks fast

Only Attack Signal Intelligence lets you move at the speed of attackers to hunt, investigate and stop threats before they become breaches.  As the integrated signal that powers the platform, our cybersecurity AI is the result of more than a decade of development by security researchers, data scientists and product engineers.

Prioritize real attacks, not weird events

Attack Signal Intelligence goes beyond signatures and anomalies to analyze attacker behavior in real-time. It’s ridiculously good at automating detection, triage and prioritization of real threats.  It learns from attacks and adapts to new types of attacks and strategies by hackers.

Respond to cyberattacks in minutes — not months

Only Attack Signal Intelligence empowers your team to effectively hunt, detect, prioritize, investigate and respond to attacks. Across your entire hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. All in a matter of minutes.  The centralized dashboard puts all of the necessary tools and information at their fingertips.

The support you need to get and stay ahead of attackers

Shared responsibility

Boost analyst productivity at least 2x with SecOps automation and shared responsibility.

Extended expertise

Work side-by-side with best-in-class cybersecurity experts to handle critical incidents and forensic investigations.

Crowdsourced analytics

Access trusted crowdsourced attacker behavior analytics from 100s of Vectra MDR threat hunters to more accurately identify and prioritize emerging threats.

Collaborative Investigations

Communicate in real time on active attacks through live in-app collaboration.

Customized Playbooks

Use Vectra’s deep expertise to optimize your incident response playbooks.

Reduced Overhead

Build, reinforce and uplevel your SOC resources for a fraction of the cost of recruiting talent.

Native integrations for end-to-end protection

With dozens of EDR, SIEM, SOAR and other native integrations, BBG helps you make the most of every cybersecurity investment.