MGM still reeling

Days after a cyber-attack that crippled their systems, MGM Resorts is still experiencing issues at many of its locations, including its payroll system.


LOsses adding up

While there is no exact figure available, analysts are projecting MGM Resorts will lose millions, if not 10’s of millions of dollars by the time they get back up and running as usual.  Not only do they have to consider paying a ransom, if one is put out there, but every minute their systems are offline, they’re losing money.

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By Kevin Wood

MGM Resorts still reeling from cyber-attack



All levels of business affected

MGM Resorts is reporting that while they have stopped the cyber-attack that affected all of their systems, they’re still feeling the effects.

For example, employees were told their paychecks would be unaffected yet, as of Saturday, employees still hadn’t been paid.  Employees have contacted HR and other departments within MGM Resorts but have, as of yet, been given any details as to when they’ll be paid.

In addition, services such as online reservations, payments and other services are still being impacted at multiple locations.  MGM has not reported a timeline on when everything will be back up and running.

This is an important lesson to all businesses that no one is safe from hackers.  Even with sophisticated systems, without proper training and protocol, all of that security can go out the door.

This is one of the many reasons why we believe in a multi-tiered approach to data security within an organization:

  • Backup & Recovery – Our backup and recovery solution is leagues above our competition and does something that no one else does (without a cost): recover online at no additional cost for as long as you need.  When you have a disaster, you don’t want to have to shell out more cash just to recover your systems, or files, yet many of our competitors charge a huge fee to recover, and then charge more the longer you keep it on there.  We don’t believe in punishing you for a disaster.
  • Ransomware Mitigation – Using techniques developed through years of experience, honest research (that includes a lot of trial and error) and past attacks, our system includes ways of detecting and taking action against ransomware attacks.  This is one of your first lines of defense against ransomware attacks.
  • Enterprise Browser – Believe it or not, the browser is a huge attack vector for hackers.  All it takes is one cleverly written email that convinces someone to click a link and enter credentials, before an attacker has access.  Our Enterprise Browser is your browser, on steroids.  Control access to not only the websites your employees can go to but what they can see on those pages.  Maybe it’s a bank site but you don’t want them to have access to account numbers.  Using the Management Control Center, you can block that out so it’s hidden and users need to request for permission to access it.

The big thing here is, we’re here to help.  We’ve developed relationships with many clients over the years, helping them protect their data and ensure it’s always there, when they need it.

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